Landini agricultural products have been widely appreciated in many countries. Landini has a long history of tradition, experience, reliability and performance backed by superb service. 
On the local scene Landini has become increasingly competitive by forging ahead with great determination. Thought product support, customer confidence and supported by a modernized and expanded product range, Landini has become a major player in the local market with an ever increasing market share.
Since 2000 Landini has consolidated a technical know-how and industrial and commercial cooperation network with highly prestigious partners such as McCormick, Laverda, Gallignani e Fella. 

  100 105
Engine  / Cylinders Perkins 1104-44T Perkins 1104-44T
Output kW 68 kW 73 kW
max. torque lb. (Nm) @rpm 384 @ 1400 384 @ 1400
Driving Wheels 2 or 4 2 or 4

Transmission Without Shuttle

Trasmission With Shuttle

12 + 4

12 + 12

12 + 4

12 + 12

Developed in South Africa for South African conditions 


Three modular transmission options

The modular transmission is available in three versions. 
The base version offers 12FWD+4REV speeds without reverse shuttle.
The second version offers 12FWD+12REV speeds with mechanical reverse shuttle and the last version be integrated with a creep speed option to provide a total of 24FWD+12REV gears.
The centrally-located reverse power shuttle lever allows reversing all gears and engaging the creep speed option.

Ample and comfortable driver’s seat

With fully adjustable sprung seat, hydraulic steering and ergonomically-arranged controls, comfort, the driver’s seat allows the operator to work with maximum comfort. The two-post ROPS can be optionally equipped with a sun canopy.

Powerful hydraulics for power lift and auxiliary valves

The hydraulic system provides a maximum total flow of GPM 20,2 (76.5 l/min).
Equipped with Cat. 2 three-point linkage, the mechanical power lift provides position, draft, intermix and float control functions while ensuring a maximum lifting capacity of lb. 9570 (4350 kg).
The Globalfarm tractors features one standard and two optional simple- and double-acting auxiliary valves.

(in running order) 100 105
rear tyres 4WD 18,4 - 30 18,4 - 30
A total length without ballast in. (mm) 162,8 (4136) 163,8 (4160)
B minimum width in. (mm) 81,2 (2063) 81,2 (2063)
C wheelbase 2WD/4WD in. (mm) 92 / 91 (2341 / 2316) 92 / 93 (2365 / 2340)
D height at steering wheel in. (mm) 69,7 (1772) 69,7 (1772)
E max ground clearance 4WD in. (mm) 16 (407) 16 (407)
F height to safety frame in. (mm) 100 (2542) 100 (2542)
weight (without ballast) 4WD lb. (Kg) 7326 (3330)

7592 (3450)