For 8 decades Fella have already been developing forage harvesting machines in close contact with the appliers. Skillful farmers all over the world have influenced the development of our technical superiority with their own experience and recommendation. In the special branch of forage harvesting technology, Fella are among the leading manufacturers all over the world today.

With a machine made by Fella you will purchase the safety of a robust machine designed for high output and permanent use combined with extraordinary working quality. 
The Fella range of mowers, swathers and tedders are now available through the Dealer Network of Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd.


 SM210      SM270      SM320      SM311  
Three Point Mouting Cat II  II II  II  -
Operating Width m 2.07 m 2.55 m  3.00 m   3.00 m  3.00m 
Capacity ha/h  2.40 ha/h   3.00ha/h  3.50 ha/h  4.00 ha/h  4.00 ha/h 
Mower Discs 4  6  6
Knives per Mower Disc 2
Min Power Required kW 33 kw 45 kW   50 kW 65 kW  65 kW 
PTO Shaft Speed rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm  540 rpm  1000 rpm  1000 rpm 
Roller conditioner OPT - RC211 OPT - RC271   -  STD STD 
Spreading Unit STD STD  STD    STD  STD 
Free Running Clutch STD STD STD STD STD