The well-known Agrimaster sprayer range is now available through Argo Industrial (Pty) Ltd to the local agricultural market. 

Thorough research and advanced manufacturing technology criteria is the main features of the Agrimaster sprayer range.

It ensures added value to your products through advanced sprayer programs for orchard and vineyards.

      APT 1018 R      APT 1519 R        APT 2019 R    
Tank: Polyethylene STD STD STD
Tank capacity 1000 litre 1500 litre 2000 litre
Suction Filter Size 38mm/50 Mesh 38mm/50 Mesh 38mm/50 Mesh
Aluminium Fan 820 mm Dia 920 mm Dia 920 mm Dia
Pump Delivery 105 litre/min 130 litre/min 130 litre/min
PTO Speed 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm

 Manufactured in accordance with proven safety and accident standards